Friday, January 14, 2011

A brand new, shiny year

I've been terribly remiss about posting, haven't I? The two of you who actually read this may need reviving from the shock of seeing a new post!

The Holidays came, and thankfully, went. I used to comment to a friend that I basically held my breath between Thanksgiving and and the second of January. 2011 is shiny and new, and I'm determined to consider it thus as long as I can, at least the shiny part. Maybe I will be able to breathe between next Thanksgiving and next January 2nd.

I've been sidetracked with some back pain, family stuff, return to work, concern about some of my people who aren't faring as well as I wish they were. I've been saddened beyond words by the recent events in Arizona.

Although one can (and many have) argue that no politician's views are directly responsible for the actions taken by this lone gunman, I do think that violent rhetoric is out of hand and influences individuals more than we know. Violent rhetoric doesn't leave room for compromise or any form of bipartisanship. Retreat to our not-so-neutral corners doesn't accomplish what we need accomplished for our society and for the world. Even people with diametrically opposed views such as Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan could be civil. They could also live with crafting and supporting legislation that, while not perfectly aligned to either party's views, got things accomplished. I really only want to hear the phrase "locked and loaded" on the TV show What Not to Wear, where the hosts are commenting about appropriate undergarments and jacket styles for very well-endowed, bosomy women.

I believe I heard on some tv program that bullets are about two cents apiece. It used to be that statesmen (what's the right word for the 21st century, women? Statesperson I suppose) were also common. Now they seem in alarmingly short supply. How I would love to see that quality return to our lives. I would also like to see some sane gun reform (to my gun toting friends who don't even read this, note I did not say gun "control.") Is it really unreasonable to have to wait to buy a handgun? Is it really unreasonable to prevent civilian gun users from having extra round magazine clips and purchase of unlimited quantities of ammunition?

Moving on, I've also been inspired by many blog and twitter posts, and while I somewhat agree with those who think the whole "one word" buzz is limiting, and I like to be multi-faceted, I have picked one word as a main theme for this year: LOVE. I want to love fiercely this year, and so far, I have. Now I have to consider how to love fiercely as a Virgo, having always been a Libra. Do we really have to believe there are now 13 astrological signs?

14 days down, 351 to go!