Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Re-learning lessons

I have to sigh and report that I was locked out of my office tonight, me on the outside, and my purse, glasses and home keys on the inside. If you'll note, my last two posts related to being locked out. Do you sense a theme? ;-)

I did not have a "second story man" to assist me, but to make a long story short, I did figure out a "secret" entrance that allowed me to bypass the locked door for which I don't have a key (only after being told the campus police could not let me in because even they don't have a key, but they'd be glad to call my boss and ask her to come to campus to let me thanks!) Luckily if I hadn't realized there was a sneaky way to get in, my loyal friend/colleague stood by, ready to take me home, just in case, and I guess had my landlords not been home, I could have asked the neighbor to break into my house again. We just chatted about that at the grocery store this weekend, and he repeated that he had a good time doing that.

I started a new job on January 3rd. I have been fascinated by the disorientation and general discombobulation I've experienced in moving from one area to another on my campus. Last time I was locked out, I put it down to a new door and being overly stressed by the job I had then.

This time? I could claim discombobulation, a "senior" moment, momentary amnesia or interference by aliens...but of course the real issue is mindfulness and the lack thereof. If I remember to do it, I'm going to meditate on mindfulness before I sleep and again tomorrow when I awaken.

Do me a favor? If you're a betting person, just send me the cash. :-)