Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We can write Manifestos. Can we live them?

I am feeling frustrated by some things.  A few minutes ago, I thought, "I should write a manifesto!"  Maybe it would have made me feel better.  Maybe it would have helped someone else.  The reality is, though, we have to LIVE the manifesto.  Writing it, reading it, thinking about it aren't enough.

What has me upset?  How difficult it seems to be for many human beings to just do the right thing, focus on the work, be kind, act from love.  I believe in those things, rather fiercely in fact.  I still have trouble not getting caught up in the politics of things, the cycle of negative thinking that is so easy to fall into.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  

I have trouble with forgiving myself for the times I haven't done the right thing.  That is, no doubt, the reason I sometimes have trouble forgiving others whom I perceive haven't done the right thing.  I know, however, that how we define the right thing is dependent on a lot of factors.  Some would say that I'm espousing situational ethics; I'm not.  I simply know that I cannot see or know what's happening in situations where I am not fully immersed but am watching from the edges.

Be kind.  Act from love.  Do the right thing.  Simple words.  Simple actions.  Simply what I will focus on as I choose how I want to be in the world.  I hope some people will join me.